Book Cloud and Casa Libre guide Brazil’s socio-political situation in Flip

To revive the debate on the role of reading in the Brazilian sociopolitical context, the digital library by subscription Nuvem de Livros and the Brazilian League of Publishers – Libre will premiere together on July 27-30 at the 15th edition of the Literary Festival of Paraty ).

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The partnership will host discussions with the theme “Yes, another country is possible, and the reading with that?”, Where Brazilian personalities will participate in discussion tables.

“The Free House and Book Cloud fulfills, with excellence, its role in a democracy, opposing a perverse logic that keeps on perpetuating itself, preventing the outline of a possible country,” reflects Roberto Bahiense, head of the Book Cloud, regarding the relevance of the event.

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The writers Cadão Volpato and Conceição Evaristo will be at a table about reading experiences. Award-winning illustrator Roger Mello and actor Lázaro Ramos are also confirmed at a desk on social education and books.

“The Libre House and Cloud Books is a space where you can discuss political issues and still discuss solutions. Often people stay in the debate and the clash, and does not seek new paths,” said the actor.

Journalists Mino Carta and Paulo Henrique Amorim will analyze from the perspective of online information and the role of blogs in Brazil their influences as opinion makers.

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