Books for brides: Books to plan the wedding and read before getting married

The books for brides you need before and during the organization of what will be one of the most important days of your life. Design the wedding of your dreams.

If you are planning your wedding these are the books for brides that will help you not to forget any detail. Books that are a guide to organizing the wedding of your dreams, with tips, tips, and ideas for a perfect day. What are the most recommended titles?

From the wedding invitations to the choice of flowers, music or decoration of the place chosen for the link. It is the details that make a difference and remember the wedding and planning a special day can be more complicated than expected. To the new apps to organize a wedding are added books for future brides, a more classic but equally practical format.

Books to organize your wedding

Books to plan a wedding and with many wedding planners tips to organize from the simplest ceremonies to the new trends in weddings. You will love to immerse yourself in its pages.

Wedding. Planner of my great day

wedding planner of my great day

A book to plan every detail of the big day without hurry. A book in notebook format that includes a section to go pointing thoughts, spending budget, inspiration mural, design invitations, ideas for the dress, beauty plan, relaxation plan for the bride, papers, paperwork and documentation and much plus.

Wedding planner. The ultimate organizer for the cheerful bride

wedding planner the ultimate organizer

Every wedding can be one of the happiest moments in a person’s life, but also stressful because of everything that goes into their organization. This book will make it very easy for you to organize all the details from the ceremony to the banquet.

My great wedding planner

my great wedding planner

book to organize a wedding in a practical and efficient way, because there are so many details that in many occasions we are not aware of the time we invest. With this book, the bride will have everything under control to organize the wedding of her dreams.

Boho wedding. Planner of my great day

Wedding boho planner of my great day

boho chic wedding planner, for the most romantic brides. A book to not forget any detail and have everything under control. This book, in notebook-diary format, will also be a nice memory. It includes, among other sections, the budget of expenses, the design of invitations, accessories, banquet, choice of wedding cake, transport, photographer, ideas for the speech, list of gifts …

Books to read before getting married

The love and the feminine humor are the protagonists of the histories in which they propose us to immerse the books to read before getting married.

The family: accommodation with full tension

the family accommodation full board

A book by Miss Puri with lots of humor and, without a doubt, one of the essentials to read before getting married. From the surrealism of a wedding to the manias of the mother-in-law, passing through the sisters-in-law, brothers, and fathers, the author will make us laugh with her particular and fun vision of family relationships.

Promises time

Promises time

From J. Courtney Sullivan. Stories of lovers celebrating their wedding in style, of lasting marriages that do not conceive divorce, and of those who would leave everything for love. A book that brings together the experience of couples at various stages of their lives. The nexus of the union, the diamond ring, because a diamond is forever. A captivating novel.

Diary of a volatile

Volatile diary

From Agustina Guerrero. A comic as a diary starred by a thirty-something. Good female humor to discover how the world sees the protagonist, and with which in many moments you will feel identified, for sure. Either because of the things you feel, because of the things that make you feel embarrassed or because of the things that make you smile.